i’m lovin’ it


I’m lovin’ it. Don’t you just love the McDonald’s ad campaign that
has replaced the “Makan” (with the golden arches replacing the “M”) one?


I look at the banners and I feel all warm inside.


My apologies for the lack of updates. It’s taking a lot of effort just to post this one.


I’m entering my quarterly serotonin depletion stage aka “I’m depressed. I want to sleep all day.”.


But I look at these banners and think, “Hey! I’m loving it!” and it’s alright again. Oops…I forgot my sarcasm tags. i’m lovin’ it.

Spot the difference!

I woke up today feeling depressed for no particular reason. Just
didn’t feel like doing much, and was feeling drained from the last
couple of days. I needed a haircut really badly, so I went down to
Clayton but there was a lot of people and I didn’t feel like waiting so
I just grabbed some lunch and came back. I saw this advertisement at
the bus loop that really cheered me up though. Heh. Funny, this one.

It’s against sunlight, so it’s not a very good picture. It shows the
dad interestedly reading an “Options Trading” book as a bedtime story
while his kid looks bored

Well, went back to Clayton again later in the afternoon to get some
groceries with a friend. This was what I was talking about before.

Deli meat and cheese aisle – what can you spot that shouldn’t be there? There are 8 out of place items in the picture.

Heaps of stuff are being left at the wrong aisles and it just seems
a bit disorganized. Anyway, I got some bananas so all would be good
tomorrow. Heh. Placebo or not, it tastes good anyway. Actually, I’m
feeling okay now, just had an introspective moment last night and it
gave me a lot to ponder about life, the universe and everything. Don’t
ask. šŸ˜‰

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