Aho Mee Sapi Nasi Ayam Restoran review

aho mee sapi nasi ayam restaurant

Aho Mee Sapi Nasi Ayam Restoran is located opposite Wisma Sanyan in Sibu and specializes in exactly what the eating establishment’s signboard suggests – mee sapi which is beef noodles (interpreted very liberally – the innards of the cow is also used in the dish) and nasi ayam – chicken rice.

aho mee sapi interior

Aho Mee Sapi Nasi Ayam Restoran is Malay owned and operated and the food is halal. The two specialties of the restaurant is featured prominently on the walls in the form of menus shaped in the likeness of a chicken and a cow. The menus list the different variations of beef noodles and chicken rice available.

aho mee sapi kitchen

I went there for breakfast when I was in Sibu last weekend. I patronize the establishment for their beef noodles…I don’t think their chicken rice is anything to write home about but the Malay style beef noodles is great! It’s completely different from Chinese style beef noodles. The Malay style beef noodle has a more forceful flavor, which is a Good Thing (TM).

aho mee sapi yu tiaw stall

There is also a stall at the front selling yu char kueh or yu tiaw – a deep fried twin dough batter. It’s a breakfast favorite and it goes well with the beef noodle soup (dipped or soaked).

aho mee sapi yu tiaw

The yu tiaw comes with chilli sauce as a dipping sauce. It’s sliced into manageable pieces like the servings that come with bak kut teh [sixthseal.com] which is another breakfast staple in Malaysia.

aho mee sapi dish

This is the Malay style mee sapi. It’s the dry version (soup served separately) with everything inside. There are beef slices, beef tripe (stripe), chunks of beef fat and other delicious stuff that comes from the animal known as “cow”. There is a healthy sprinkling of spring onions and deep fried onions as well as bean sprouts on top of the dish.

aho mee sapi yu chilli

The yu tiaw goes well with the chilli sauce (which is depicted in this photo of my gf showing the proper method of dipping it)…

aho mee sapi soup

…and soaked in the soup that comes with mee sapi. The Malay style beef noodle soup is much heartier than the Chinese style beef noodle soup.

aho mee sapi noodles

Aho Mee Sapi Nasi Ayam Restoran serves really good beef noodles. I make a point of going there every time I go back home. The place has been operating for the better part of two years and it’s always packed – a testament to the delicious beef noodles served there.


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