I hate ants!

From: Ba Kua comments [sixthseal.com]


But teddybwear
[blogspot.com], it looks like this! I couldn’t even bear to open the
paper bag wider coz it was INFESTED with ants. It was so all over the
ba kua it looked like the ba kua has somehow doubled in size! Some of
them even tried to crawl up my arm before I chucked it into the bin.

P/S – Please read veritas’s report below. He tool 4 hours to write
it (not including the pictures) and many hours of actual field work.


I have slept for 14 hours straight. It feels good. =D Anyway, spring is
out in full force now. One way for sure to know that the days are getting
warmer is that the ants begin their infestation again. In winter and
autumn, I can get away with leaving half eaten chocolate bars on the table
and it still will be there, unmolested after 1 week. Not that it will
retain much of it’s flavor after one week, but still, the option is there
should I choose to take it. Now, I can’t even get away with leaving
foodstuff on the table for an hour before the ants start trooping in.


Look at what happened to my doughnuts. It seems that ants have a particular affinity to this
kind of doughnuts. I’m serious. I got some of these last week too, and forgot to take them out of
my bag and when I looked again, it was crawling with ants! It’s like they just came out of nowhere
and descended to brutally attack and tear into the soft pink flesh of the poor doughnuts. The

Crawling up my CAT5 cable

Marching towards the battleground

The pain…the pain!!!

It is hard to show the scale of the infestation with such low res pics. The doughnuts are
completely covered with ants.

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