Mirinda Batman Blast Berry Fusion

mirinda batman blast

Mirinda came out with a new flavor called Batman Blast Berry Fusion
as a promotional tie in to the Batman Begins movie. I’ve seen the drink
being heavily promoted in supermarkets but never did get around to
getting one, until one of my coworkers bought one for me.

batman blast berry fusion

The Mirinda Batman Blast Berry Fusion drink is designed with Batman
(the movie) influences, and doesn’t look like the conventional Mirinda

batman blast win

There is also an SMS contest tie-in with the Mirinda Batman Blast
drink, which is valid for all Malaysian citizens. The promotion ends on
the 30th of June.

batman blast movie

The bottom of the can has the Batman Begins movie information
(including a URL to the movie). Mirinda Batman Blast looks more like an
advertisement can than a drink…

batman blast drink

The Batman Blast Berry Fusion flavor tastes good though – it’s
better than any Mirinda offerings out there. The can looks like one big
commercial for the movie (which it probably is), but it tastes good

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