The best BBQ Chicken Rice in Sibu

lian kiew cafe

I am told that Lian Kiew Cafe has the best BBQ Chicken Rice in Sibu. The four of us decided to check out the place and found it packed during lunch hour. The coffee shop is doing a rather brisk business in chicken rice and it seems that most of the patrons were ordering the dish.

bbq stall

There is a wide selection of BBQ cuts at the chicken rice stall. There is no steamed chicken on offer, the proprietor only does BBQ chicken. There’s a wide variety of BBQ meat available – BBQ chicken, BBQ duck, BBQ pork (various cuts), BBQ Taiwanese sausage and even BBQ chicken wings.

bbq butcher
“They call me The Butcher”

I ordered an assorted platter of BBQ meat and it was sliced up into a bed of cucumbers.

bbq chicken

L-R: BBQ Taiwanese sausage, BBQ chicken wings, BBQ char siew, BBQ chicken, BBQ duck, BBQ pork. (RM 25)

bbq chicken rice

The rice is pretty fragrant for chicken rice too.

bbq meat lovers

It comes highly recommended from me for meat lovers. πŸ™‚

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