The holiest bible in the world

holiest bible

This is my sister’s old bible that I found just now. It was from her
childhood days and it has a sticker that says “Get off my ass” (in not
so many words).

bible ass

There was just an ass (donkey) there and it just went “Get off my *picture of ass*”.

The second sticker shows a rather agitated man literally chomping at the bit to become an “Animal Lover”.

bible animal lover

I’m glad we don’t have sheep at home.

It would be very traumatizing to watch Mr. Animal Lover do the horizontal boogie with animals.

I don’t think I want to be around him anyway, coz I always drop the
soap. Soap is slippery. One mishandled grip and the soap would go
flying. I don’t want Mr. Animal Lover to be behind me as I pick up the
wayward soap.

No way, man.

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