kl unappetizing food

I took the early morning flight to KL, where I saw the most unappetizing airplane food to date…

klia bin laden

I arrived and made the startling discovery that bin Laden is working as a baggage handler in KLIA…

kl cititel checkin

I have just checked into Cititel in Mid Valley, my usual hotel. I’m
here on business, it’s business a business trip, but it miraculously
coincided with the PPS Bash, which I’ll be attending tomorrow. What a
coincidence, eh? *cough* ;)

huygens sibu sept

I’m flying to Sibu again tonight with my CTO and CFO on the
company’s account. My return ticket is open, courtesy of my CFO, who
thought I might want to stay back for the weekend after our meeting
there on Friday afternoon and another one on Saturday afternoon. I
think I’ll pass on that though, I’ll just go with them, in and out, and
be back by Saturday night.

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