Cadbury Buttons minis muffin mix

cadbury buttons muffin mix store

This is Cadbury’s Buttons minis muffin mix – it’s a box that
contains premixed muffins and I liked the chocolate buttons on this
one, so I got a pack of it to do some baking at home. It’s a tradition
of sorts to cook something together with my gf when I come back for
long periods of time.

cadbury buttons minis muffin mix

The Cadbury Buttons mini muffin mix opens up to reveal a large
packet of the chocolate muffin mix, a small bag of Cadbury’s Buttons
minis, and 12 muffin paper holders. I love these self contained muffin
premixes, it has everything you need inside. Just add water. πŸ˜‰

cadbury buttons minis muffin mix instructions

Well, it’s not as straightforward as that, but it’s not exactly
rocket science either. The back of the box details the steps for making
the muffins (just 5 steps!) and the stuff you need to complete the
recipe, as it were. The instructions require 1 medium sized egg, 45 ml
of milk and vegetable oil (optional). That’s all easily found in the
kitchen…just combine that with the package ingredients and we have
ourselves some chocolate muffins! πŸ™‚

cadbury choc muffin

This is the prepackaged chocolate muffin mix…it’s the ready-mix-just-add-water type of powder.

cadbury small mini buttons

There’s also a bag of Cadbury Buttons, which I took the liberty of partaking before the actual muffin making process…

cadbury muffin papers

They even thought of including 12 paper muffin holders inside! Nice…

cadbury buttons muffin mix

The first thing we did was to empty the big bag containing the chocolate muffin mix into a bowl…

cadbury buttons muffin mix egg

…and an egg was cracked on top of the chocolate muffin premix after that.

cadbury buttons muffin mix egg milk

I couldn’t find any full cream milk, so I got a small packet of UHT
Low Fat milk and poured about 1/5 (estimated) into the entire mix.

cadbury buttons muffin premix

This is the goo a.k.a. muffin mix that resulted from all the effort exercised above.

cadbury buttons muffin mixer

The bowl was put in the mixer on the highest speed setting for about a minute or so, until the consistency looks about right.

cadbury buttons muffin mixed

Here’s what the Cadbury Buttons minis muffin mix looks like after
the electric mixer treatment – it’s starting to look like proper muffin
mix, nice and thick with a semi-fluid consistency.

cadbury buttons muffin mix buttons

Half of the Cadbury Buttons were emptied into the muffin mix, as per the instructions on the box…

cadbury buttons muffin mix folded

…and a spoon was used to fold the chocolate buttons into the muffin mix.

cadbury buttons muffin mix fill

The paper muffin receptacles were arranged and the final muffin mix
was spooned into them. The first few were filled sparingly, coz I
thought the muffin mix will expand, but then I realized that there’s
too much muffin mix to spare and started filling the rest with more of
the mix.

cadbury buttons muffins filled

The muffins were arranged on a baking tray and the oven was
preheated to 160 degrees Celsius. We forgot to do that earlier, but no
worries, we needed to put the remaining half of the Cadbury’s Buttons
on top of the muffins anyway…

cadbury buttons muffins to bake

…and so we did. You’ll see that there’s only 11 muffins here…I
thought one of the paper muffin cups were missing, but we found it in
the box…after the muffins were done. Oh well. πŸ™‚

cadbury buttons muffins close up

Anyway, this is what the chocolate muffins look like before it went into the oven.

cadbury buttons muffins in oven

The muffins were sent to their purgatory with the timer set for 15 minutes…

cadbury buttons muffins baking

…and you can see the muffins start to rise after a couple of minutes.

cadbury buttons muffins baked

Finally, I present to you – the baked Cadbury Buttons minis muffins!

cadbury buttons muffins

The muffins tastes great straight out of the oven – it was hot and
chocolaty, with the buttons providing texture to the muffins. It’s
great with a glass of cold milk. πŸ™‚

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