the bing

the bing

bing! is billed as a coffee company, similar to the
likes of Starbucks and Coffee Bean, except it’s not a franchise (unlike
what I mentioned in the video tour, my mistake). The front of the
establishment is designed with lots of see through windows to provide
natural ambient lighting and probably to allow the patrons to be seen,
I presume.

bing entrance

This is the real entrance…the door is not on the front of the
bing, but to the alley at the side of the coffee place. It’s a newly
opened venue, located along Jalan Padungan, Kuching, near the SOHO and
Grappa area.

bing counter

This is the counter of the bing, they offer a variety of coffees as well as fruit juices and tea.

bing crew

There’s a good crew to customer ratio and the service was good.

bing food

the bing also offers a variety of pastries, cakes and bottled drinks from the counter.

bing interior

Here’s a shot of the interior, the view facing outwards (towards the
front). The seating arrangements varies from comfortable soft couches
to intricate rattan chairs, like this one below.

bing chairs

This is a photo from another angle:

bing minimal

The shot is facing inwards, showing the minimalist decor on the
walls, and the second compartment towards the back where al fresco
seating arrangements are available.

bing caramel blended

This is the drink I ordered – a caramel doused ice blended mocha (hey, it was a hot day :p).

bing cappuccino

Here’s a shot of their cappuccino – it comes with a slice of almond biscuit on the side, a very nice touch.

bing banana decor

There’s some interesting decors on the tables, a recurrent motif is green bananas. These are not edible, if you’re wondering…

Here’s a video tour of the bing:

bing tour

Download: bing tour []

bing buddha

It’s a great place to relax and have a couple of drinks with
friends…though I can’t shake the association of the venue’s name with
a certain club in The Sopranos.

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