Carvery restaurant review


Carvery restaurant is a charming little restaurant tucked away in
the middle of nowhere (if I don’t know how to drive there, it’s in the
middle of nowhere :p). Carvery gets its name from the way meat dishes
are served – its brought out right from the kitchen by the chef and
then carved onto your plate.

carvery inside

The interior of Carvery is very tastefully done up, with attentive
staff and subdued lighting. I went with Penny and Sufian yesterday for
the buffet lunch, an all-you-can-eat set meal which is priced at RM
29.90 – a very reasonable price, as you will see from the review.

carvery table

Carvery has clean, pressed table linen waiting for the lunch crowd.
There’s also two slabs of butter waiting on a plate, clean cutlery and
plates all laid out, and a wooden block in the middle.

carvery bread

I found out that the wooden block was meant for one of their
generous home-made bread – freshly baked from the oven. It tastes great
when slathered with butter and dipped into cream of mushroom soup.

carvery hot

Carvery has a hot dish area beside the large soup cauldron that has everything from baked potatoes to spaghetti.

carvery cold 1

The opposite side is flanked by cold cuts, deli meat, cold pasta…

carvery cold 2

…seafood salad, various dips and sauces, vegetable sticks and bread sticks.

carvery side plate

I filled half of my plate with salami, cold cuts, pasta, potato salad and a bread stick.

carvery start

The main meal is soon announced by the chef carrying out the first
of several meat skewers. The chef wields this large carving knife and
goes around to…well, carve servings of meat on the plates of the diners.

carvery carve

This is the leg of lamb, which I found delicious. The portions being
served can be specified, if you want more, or less. Just tell that to
the guy with the big knife. πŸ˜‰

carvery chicken wings

A quick succession of their offerings soon came into circulation.
This is the chicken wings, which comes highly recommended. It’s good.

carvery meat

Before I knew it, I had lamb chops, BBQ chicken wings and smoked
beef on the other half of my plate. It’s a battle of dominance between
the diner and the parade of unholy skewers of various meats that comes
out quicker than you can eat.

carvery sauces

Carvery also served up home-made sauces to each table to complement the food.

carvery sausages

Just as I thought the infernal parade of meat was ending…it started again! This time there were sausages…

carvery smoked chicken

…smoked chicken

carvery chicken ham

…chicken wrapped with beef ham

carvery fish

I started to lose count before respite, in the form of fish with a wedge of lemon and a side of tartar sauce was served.

carvery steak

However, the Meat Parade (TM) must go on, and steaks of various
denominations started to come out – rib-eye steak, rump steak, before I
finally conceded and started eating smaller portions.

carvery last meat

In the end, man triumphed over meat, as I managed to finish the last
serving before the entire parade was started all over again for the
second round for those with more robust appetites. The meat dishes
cycles twice through the course of lunch. All of us were extremely full
when the meal at Carvery was finally over.

Carvery has a delicious meat based portfolio that would appeal to
all the carnivores out there. The ambience is great, with meat being
served on large skewers and personally carved on your table and served
on your plate. Highly recommended!

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