Casabella Mediterranean Restaurant

casabella restaurant

This is Casabella Mediterranean Restaurant, located at the Ground
Floor of Crown Square. It serves Mediterranean and Asian fusion
cuisine. I went there with a dining companion for dinner. It was at
about half capacity on a weekday, perfect for dinner with conversation.

casabella interior

We took a corner table at the restaurant. The interior has paintings
with a Mediterranean motif and the seating arrangements (a pretentious
term for tables and chairs ;)) are nicely square. The service was
pleasant and accommodating, by Kuching’s standards. It’s a good place
to have dinner.

casabella fruit drink

casabella mango smoothie

We were served drinks first – my dining companion had lime juice
that came with bits of jellied fruits at the bottom while I had a mango
smoothie that was frothy and rich.

casabella turkish mussels

The entree dish which we shared is the Turkish Style Pan Fried Mussels.
It was served with a tomato based sauce and two pieces of garlic bread.
The garlic bread was made the way I liked – crusty on the sides and
soft on the insides, which soaks up the sauce well. There was quite a
generous amount of mussels served with the shell intact and split for

casabella egyptian fish

I asked about their specialty and was recommended the Egyptian Fish.
This is deep fried fish with Egyptian spice, served with a special
sauce fries on the side. It tasted pretty good – the fish was nicely
fried on the outside with batter and soft and tender on the inside. I
liked the sauce too – goes well with the fries.

casabella kebab

My dining companion had the Chicken Kebab. It was served in a
kebab skewer with alternating chicken pieces and button mushrooms on
top of a piece of nan bread. The dish also had a whole piece of lettuce
and half a grilled tomato. I had a taste of that – the naan bread was
toasty, yet springy, but the chicken kebab was nothing to write home

Nevertheless, I liked the ambience and food here – recommended if you’re in Kuching.

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