is live!


The domain of veritas – is now ready for public viewing
after nearly a month since it’s inception. It is with great pride that
I announce’s sister site – the award winning weblog about
drugs in Malaysia where it was voted “Blogger most likely to get raided
by the police”, “Blogger most likely to get roughed up by gangsters”
and “Best Malaysian blogger in the Drugs category” (no one else was in
contention) AT THE SAME TIME. Not to mention snagging the “You is
stupid to try this in Malaysia” and the “I give you 3 months before the
site gets shut down” special awards – I proudly present to you – Better living through chemistry…for every problem, a chemical solution. []

Okay, so I made the awards up, just wanted to generate interest in the site…

Warning: The content of is not for everyone. If
you’re offended by recreational drug use and the use of pharmaceuticals
off the prescription label, you would not enjoy what has
to offer. If you hate drugs, you’re going to hate Please
exercise discretion and avoid clicking on the link if you fit the
criteria above. is not meant for minors.

Disclaimer: I am not veritas (the author at The site DOES NOT
condone or “promote” drug use. It is merely a personal journal by
veritas to document his experiences with drugs. Please remember that
drug use is associated with very severe penalties in Malaysia. strongly discourages any activities which breaks the laws
in your country.

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I have not been getting enough sleep lately so let me point you one
of two ways while I sleep until I feel less like a diskette put through
the spin cycle.

1. graceshu [] has returned from the dead to start blogging again after a really long break.

2. [] is still not live (and will probably never be as googlism
[] says) but feel free to poke around the site dispite the
unfinished state and the CSS that’s largely unmodified from

I promise there will be a lot of back posts this weekend.

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