Gum from primary school


Anyone remember these things? I remember them from primary school,
used to get them for 10 cents each from that small sweet shop right
outside the school gates. πŸ™‚ Well, they go for 20 cents at some Asian
groceries here (5 for A$1), what nostalgia it brings to see these
things again. I used to eat them one by one but it seems I needed all
four now to produce a chewable wad.

I noticed a spike in traffic these couple of days and found out that it was coming from this Bluelight thread: Nurofen plus myth
[]. Welcome Bluelighters! I didn’t make that post, but I do
browse the forums once in a while. Bluelight is a harm reduction forum.


On a kinda similar note, my mini Easter egg (if you can even call it
that…) made it into the live WIER site. That’s the project management
site I was working on for Industrial Experience for the past year. IE
students are using the updated site starting this semester. I was doing
the student side help screenshots and had two that basically said “I’ve
uploaded the test user interface at
Can everyone go there and give me some input regarding the user
friendliness etc? Thanks!” for the Group Discussion Forums help. Heh.
It’s not much, but I couldn’t resist, and anyone who actually bothered
to type in that URL will see this page: WIER []. Bit of harmless publicity going on there. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, there was a couple of problems with my Network
Administration subject which marks were withheld last semester but I
just worked things out today, so that’s a bit of good news. I’ve gotta
work hard tonight though, so that’s it from me.

Link of the day: Malaysian ‘curiosities’ join the library collection [].

Look at the second picture showing the woman smoking a cigarette and looking very sak. Priceless.

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