I was feeling thirsty on my way to the campus so I got a bottle of
mineral water from the dodgy vending machine at Huntingdale Station.
Anyway, I wanted to drink plain water so I got disgruntled when nothing
came out after I pressed the spring water choice. I pressed it again
and lo and behold, two bottles came out instead of one. Sometimes this
happens, especially when the bottles are small. Good then, I was really
thirsty. Saw a little girl on the train today with her pet chihuahua.
She was letting the dog run loose all over the carriage and was talking
to it and everything. Very cute. The girl was about 10 years old so I’m
wondering why she’s using the train alone at night. Today is my last 8
pm – 10 pm lecture. I’m not a big fan of that time slot coz by the time
I get back it’ll be 11 pm and thus half the night is gone. OK, enough
rambling, I’m going to go to sleep now and wake up earlier tomorrow to
study. Waking up at 12 pm is considered early for me since I’ve taken
the trouble to schedule most of my tutes in the afternoon. Oh, and
drinking OJ and coffee together is really something. I think my bowels
are crying now.

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