I love dogs!

dog yum

Ever since I admitted to a certain indiscretion during my youth on Yee Hou’s blog chronicled in the comments here:

Hmm…I’m not sure if PETA reads your blog but I’ve done it before with a couple of friends when I was really young. Involved a stray dog, similar situation (target, rather) and a firecracker tied to said anatomy.

I know it’s evil. Sorry. I think I was 10 or 12 back then.

Dr. Tan: I have a little question though. How the hell did you manage to get hold of the dog and not have him bite you?

WTF man so evil one you.
Huai Bin | Homepage | 08.01.08 – 12:01 am | #

It was quite easy. The dog was a stray and thus quite easily tempted by food. It (he) was eating the Chinese New Year bak gua and my friend duct taped either a chai lei or ta di lei gong (those huge crackers) to his scrotum area.

I am sorry to say that I was the one who lit the fuse.

Dr. Tan: I once threw a chai lei onto a zinc roof of some kampung guy and a hole appeared.

I also heard rumours that two da di lei gong can blow apart a public phone, after which you can access the coin box.

What happened to the dog?
Huai Bin | Homepage | 08.05.08 – 11:35 pm | #

I don’t know. It ran away like a bolt of lightning after the firecracker exploded. There were drops of blood on the floor and everything. My bad.
Huai Bin | Homepage | 08.06.08 – 5:21 pm | #

I have felt the urge to repent and proclaim my love for all canines around the world. I love dogs. I’m sorry I aidded and abbetted in neutering one with a firecracker in my youth. =D

I'll rather be asleep

I’ve been up for three days and my body is saying no. Today would be
the day I came the closest to having a heart attack. I wish I’m
exaggerating, the damned chest pains and headache would go away then.
No food + no sleep + stimulants (caffeine, I always feel the need to
reiterate myself) = heart working overtime. No water (stupid me) = not
pissing for the whole night. Drank a bit before I went to class, was
feeling terrible before then…hypertension, the kind that makes your
head pound and makes those veins on the side visible, with tactile
rhythmic pumping too. I don’t know what I’m saying. I had to walk as
slow as a slug to not overexcite my overworked heart and yet I still
feel constant chest pain, breathlessness and that damned pounding and
random tingliness and pain in the extremities. Okay, enough of the
feeling sorry for myself bit, I’m going to sleep…sedate me, trusty


Of course by thingies I mean food…it makes you sleepy when you
haven’t had any in a while. Anyway, here’s a photo I took while on the
way back today…was feeling like absolute fucking shit, but that dog is
so adorable I had to take a photo. His head is too big for his body and
so is his tongue! :)

Thanks for commenting everyone, I’ll reply when I wake up. I am
going to sleep now, before that vein makes good on its promise to give
me a stroke.

Stadium Tun Zaim

I woke up late today and only arrived at the stadium at 11:30 am. It was
pretty hot by then so I wasn’t looking forward to running, but kept at it
just the same. As can be expected at that hour, there wasn’t anyone there
besides me. I did nearly step on a dog though. I was looking into the
horizon when I stopped myself just as I was about to tread on a black dog
sleeping on the walkway. He was pretty traumatized by the encounter too,
the poor dog nearly jumped out of his skin and scampered away. Heh. Sorry

Stadium Tun Zaim

2-1 and gourmet pet food

The Korea-Italy match was pretty intense. I was cheering for the Koreans coz I always like to
support the underdogs. After the missed penalty and the Italian goal, I was not very convinced that
the Korean team can equalize, considering Italy’s solid defense. However, the amazing 88th minute
goal by Korea forced the game into extra time. Kudos to them for not giving up the match. The
Koreans managed to win the match by scoring a goal in the second half of the extra time after Totti
was sent off, leaving Italy with 10 men. Man, that was a fantastic match…but I am still puzzled
as to why Totti was sent off.

On another note, I brought back some cat and dog food from Melbourne to feed my cat and my
girlfriend’s dog. My cat really liked the gourmet cat food. After sniffing cautiously for a while,
she licked the can clean, sauce and all. My girlfriend’s dog did not like the dog food though. I
had to persuade him to eat it. He’s a bit shy and will not start until there is no one in sight, so
we both hid inside the house for a while before checking to see if he’s touched to food. He has
not. But he was sniffing it, which is a good sign. After a while, I saw from the reflection that he
was starting to eat it. It’s a small can, he ate only half before leaving the rest to be infested
by ants. Looks like he’s not big on beef. He eats chicken most of the time.

Mmm…turkey slices in sauce. Very interesting.

Eating beef is against my religion. I refuse to soil myself.

P/S – I will be grateful if someone could mail me a working serial of Adobe
Photoshop 7.0 that doesn’t begin with 1045.


I was feeling thirsty on my way to the campus so I got a bottle of
mineral water from the dodgy vending machine at Huntingdale Station.
Anyway, I wanted to drink plain water so I got disgruntled when nothing
came out after I pressed the spring water choice. I pressed it again
and lo and behold, two bottles came out instead of one. Sometimes this
happens, especially when the bottles are small. Good then, I was really
thirsty. Saw a little girl on the train today with her pet chihuahua.
She was letting the dog run loose all over the carriage and was talking
to it and everything. Very cute. The girl was about 10 years old so I’m
wondering why she’s using the train alone at night. Today is my last 8
pm – 10 pm lecture. I’m not a big fan of that time slot coz by the time
I get back it’ll be 11 pm and thus half the night is gone. OK, enough
rambling, I’m going to go to sleep now and wake up earlier tomorrow to
study. Waking up at 12 pm is considered early for me since I’ve taken
the trouble to schedule most of my tutes in the afternoon. Oh, and
drinking OJ and coffee together is really something. I think my bowels
are crying now.

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