I love dogs!

dog yum

Ever since I admitted to a certain indiscretion during my youth on Yee Hou’s blog chronicled in the comments here:

Hmm…I’m not sure if PETA reads your blog but I’ve done it before with a couple of friends when I was really young. Involved a stray dog, similar situation (target, rather) and a firecracker tied to said anatomy.

I know it’s evil. Sorry. I think I was 10 or 12 back then.

Dr. Tan: I have a little question though. How the hell did you manage to get hold of the dog and not have him bite you?

WTF man so evil one you.
Huai Bin | Homepage | 08.01.08 – 12:01 am | #

It was quite easy. The dog was a stray and thus quite easily tempted by food. It (he) was eating the Chinese New Year bak gua and my friend duct taped either a chai lei or ta di lei gong (those huge crackers) to his scrotum area.

I am sorry to say that I was the one who lit the fuse.

Dr. Tan: I once threw a chai lei onto a zinc roof of some kampung guy and a hole appeared.

I also heard rumours that two da di lei gong can blow apart a public phone, after which you can access the coin box.

What happened to the dog?
Huai Bin | Homepage | 08.05.08 – 11:35 pm | #

I don’t know. It ran away like a bolt of lightning after the firecracker exploded. There were drops of blood on the floor and everything. My bad.
Huai Bin | Homepage | 08.06.08 – 5:21 pm | #

I have felt the urge to repent and proclaim my love for all canines around the world. I love dogs. I’m sorry I aidded and abbetted in neutering one with a firecracker in my youth. =D

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