Barks Bunnies Café

Barks Bunnies Cafe

The name of the café is an obvious play on a certain WB cartoon. We didn’t actually know this was a “pet café” until we stepped through the doors. I was at the Subang Jaya area with my better half and we just wanted to have a very quick lunch and headed to the nearest place that has parking. That was how we ended up at this rabbit café.

Bunny Cafe

I didn’t take note of the name and it surprised me quite a bit when I saw an enclosure for rabbits to the side. “Dear, it’s one of those rabbit cafes!” I exclaimed. Oh well, doesn’t matter as long as the food was good. This place is pet friendly and some people bring their dogs inside. I know because I did bring my lab here twice already. I got her some pudding since some dogs prefer wet food. There was a resident canine on the premises too.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Chicken Pesto Sandwich (RM 13.50)
My dear ordered this coz she saw a sign outside advertising this special. It was plated quite decently, with fries on the bottom and the toasted sandwich sitting on top of the heavily seasoned potatoes. I had a bite and it looked better than it tasted. It wasn’t bad per se, it just wasn’t good either. My better half didn’t finish it.

Ellies Cold Pressed Orange Juice

Ellie’s Cold Pressed Orange Juice (RM 7)
This was pretty good though, can’t go wrong with a drink in a bottle.


Ameri-Cola (RM 12)
What sorcery is this??? Described as “double shot of espresso over Coca Cola on ice”, it would shock most coffee purists. I thought it sounded like a potentially nice combination though and went for it. It wasn’t, but I’m glad I tried it. Haha.

Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese (RM 14.50)
I had imagined this to be a creamy 3-cheese mac. I had been craving for a nice mac & cheese for ages and this wasn’t it. The dish that came out was excessively watery, with not much cheese to speak of. I didn’t finish it either.

Kafe Barks Bunnies

Barks Bunnies Café is one of those places you go for the pets, not the food. You can actually touch the rabbits and bring your own cats and dogs, which might be a plus point for animal lovers. The service from the college-aged looking girl was quite good, she asked us if the food was alright since she noticed we didn’t even eat half and I told her there’s a lot of room for improvement and she said the chef is new and she’ll relay my comments to him. We won’t be back to see but let’s hope that’s true.

Of mice and men…


I woke up feeling rather bummed, and the cat, sensing my less than
stellar mood, made a motherly sounding meow and produced a dead mouse
(sans head) and put it in front of me. Perhaps it thought I was hungry
and wanted to share her personal stash of food. I apologize for saying
“bad cat”. Force of habit. Thanks for sharing.

My girlfriend will be heading to KL tomorrow afternoon. She’s going to continue her course there. 11771554.

2-1 and gourmet pet food

The Korea-Italy match was pretty intense. I was cheering for the Koreans coz I always like to
support the underdogs. After the missed penalty and the Italian goal, I was not very convinced that
the Korean team can equalize, considering Italy’s solid defense. However, the amazing 88th minute
goal by Korea forced the game into extra time. Kudos to them for not giving up the match. The
Koreans managed to win the match by scoring a goal in the second half of the extra time after Totti
was sent off, leaving Italy with 10 men. Man, that was a fantastic match…but I am still puzzled
as to why Totti was sent off.

On another note, I brought back some cat and dog food from Melbourne to feed my cat and my
girlfriend’s dog. My cat really liked the gourmet cat food. After sniffing cautiously for a while,
she licked the can clean, sauce and all. My girlfriend’s dog did not like the dog food though. I
had to persuade him to eat it. He’s a bit shy and will not start until there is no one in sight, so
we both hid inside the house for a while before checking to see if he’s touched to food. He has
not. But he was sniffing it, which is a good sign. After a while, I saw from the reflection that he
was starting to eat it. It’s a small can, he ate only half before leaving the rest to be infested
by ants. Looks like he’s not big on beef. He eats chicken most of the time.

Mmm…turkey slices in sauce. Very interesting.

Eating beef is against my religion. I refuse to soil myself.

P/S – I will be grateful if someone could mail me a working serial of Adobe
Photoshop 7.0 that doesn’t begin with 1045.

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