presents: A New, New Hope

….a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

jedi 1

Two Sith Lords decide to mount an operation to kidnap the beautiful Princess Teya, who has been traveling throughout the Imperial galaxy, sowing seeds of discord with her preposterous speeches with absurd ideas about freedom and democracy. Unfortunately, only one managed to infiltrate the Jedi Academy where the princess was speaking. The other one lost his way coz he couldn’t find SMK Jedi on Google Maps. However, Princess Teya was tougher than she looks and a showdown ensued… 

jedi 2

It was ugly. Light sabers were rendered useless by a glitch in The Matrix and they had to fight…with broomsticks and mops. Hey, it’s my movie and I can write the storyline however I want. :p 

chipster promo

Chipster is running the Chipster Superstar Contest where you use their online contest engine to make a movie. The winner will get the opportunity to appear on national TV! 

jedi 3

OMG! Appearing on TV3? Bayang pun tak nampak, I rushed out to the nearest Giant and immediately got a pack of Chipster. You need to get the Chipster Promo Pack to get the unique code for submitting your video. 


I must have accidentally eaten the unique code in the first pack that I got in my haste to eat all the potato chips to find the piece of cardboard. You know how it goes, once you start, you can’t really stop. I had to make a second trip to buy another pack of Chipster, which is all good, coz crisps is a bit like nuts. You just can’t stop with one. 


Anyway, this time I was super careful and managed to find the promo code. It looks like the photo above – it’s sealed inside a paper sachet (it’s not powdered flavor so don’t eat it). I’ve already made my movie (it’s real easy, I’ll explain later) so I just entered my unique code and wallah – it’s done!

The online contest engine allows you to easily produce your own movie. To enter the Chipster Superstar Contest, just do the following:

1. Upload pictures of yourself and your friends to be actors in any of the Chipster Superstar movies.

2. Create your own movie (it’s really easy – you can adjust the faces of the people you upload and just add captions to any of the movies inside for your own customized version) and submit with the unique code that can only be found in your bag of Chipster with a “Chipster Superstar Contest” strip attached to it. 


The contest runs from 13th April 2009 to 8th June 2009 and you can create up to 5 movies using the pre-recorded movies in there. Submit your movie during this time period and you’ll be in the running for the prizes. It’s fantabulously fun!

The prizes are:

Grand Prize X 1
MacBook Air + Winner will be featured in the finale movie on TV3
1st Prize X 3
iPod Touch + Winner will be featured in the finale movie on TV3
Consolation Prize X 16
iPod Nano

Get your friends to vote for your movie as the best from the 9th – 19th of July 2009.

Check out my video masterpiece – SMK Jedi Hijinks. Can I haz a vote? πŸ™‚

Yearning for your shot at fame? Here’s your chance! Go to Chipster and start putting together your video now! 

jedi 4

14:59tick tock, tick tock. πŸ˜‰

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