Chocolate umbrellas

chocolate umbrella canopy

I noticed this whimsical chocolate umbrella display in a grocery
shop just now. There are two different colored display umbrellas
housing arrays of smaller chocolate umbrellas underneath the canopy.

chocolate umbrella ribbon

The chocolate umbrellas come in two flavors – strawberry cream and
orange cream. It retails for RM 1.50 each. These mini replica umbrellas
have a hooked handle and a tapering cone, making it look like an
unopened umbrella. It comes with a pretty ribbon to boot. πŸ˜‰

chocolate umbrella wrapper

Upon removing the wrapper, I found another paper-foil wrapped around
the chocolate umbrella. These things are called gizitas umbrella
chocolate & (orange or strawberry) cream.

chocolate umbrella shiny

The unwrapping of the second layer reveals a shiny cone of
chocolate, with a plastic base that acts as a handle and also doubles
as a decor.

chocolate umbrella inside

The strawberry cream and orange cream chocolate umbrellas taste
pretty much the same to me. It’s an Indonesian product, and you know
what their chocolate tastes like, no offence. πŸ˜‰ The chocolate umbrella
is made up of a cream center, followed by a layer of wafer, which is
filled with actual sugar granules (!), followed by another layer of
wafer, which is then coated with chocolate.

It’s nothing to write home about. I just thought the chocolate umbrella display was interesting. πŸ™‚

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