It’s just like Magic!

There I was…taking a dump in the toilet this morning. I was still
in my PJs (I just woke up) and I brought my cell phone into the toilet
to play some Tetris. As I was about to wipe myself, I put the cell
phone down on top of the two rolls of spare toilet paper that has been
stashed in one corner of the toilet and pulled on the roll. I actually
can use one hand to wipe myself but that requires this trick where you
take a hold of the end of the roll and pull hard towards you to unravel
it. Once a desirable length has been acheived, you flick the length of
toilet paper downwards (while still holding to it) in a hard and fast
motion. I was in no mood for bathroom acrobatics this morning, so I
just put the cell phone down and used both hands.

Anyway, after doing my business, I washed my hands and went back to
my room. A bit of background information: my toilet is shared with 3
other people, each stairway floor has one toilet and each stairway
floor houses 4 single-occupancy rooms and thus 4 people. The cleaners
come every morning to clean the bathrooms, restock on toilet paper and
empty the floor waste bin. Well, I was in my room and working a bit on
my IE when I realized that I forgot to bring my cell phone back from
the toilet. I went back to get it and found out that:

My cell phone has been transformed into an unused roll of toilet paper.

Anyway, the cleaners had been there since there was a new roll of
toilet paper on top of the previous 2, so I called my own cell and one
of the cleaners picked it up. I arranged to have it returned to the
operations office so everything was fine. Just thought it was funny
that my first though was “Oh, my cell phone turned into toilet paper”.

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