Cookies and The Mirror Project

I saw this really nice chocolate biscuits at a grocery store today.

Dairy Milk Cookies on a local newspaper

Shortbread cookies with chocolate chips and covered with chocolate.
Usually the local cocoa tastes slightly acidic so I’m not really a big fan
of locally made chocolates, but these ones taste pretty good. Anyway, I’ve
submitted another picture to my favorite pet project. You can view it
[]. This is a photo of a photo. You can’t really see
my reflection clearly because I had to compress the picture down to 30k
in order to submit it. The photo is one from my college days at Inti.
I’m the second seated person from the right. I was the Vice President
of Intima, the college student government body. I remember that I was
out clubbing at the notorious Impiana Disco (now closed) the night
before the photo shoot. I had consumed some recreational substances which I
will not name in this public blog and had gotten home pretty late –
at around 8 am. I tried to take a one hour nap before the 10 am photo
shoot, but it’s almost impossible to go to sleep when the aforementioned
recreational substances has been partaken the night before. I was
in that uncomfortable limbo between sleep and wakefulness when I woke up
with a start and realized it was already 10:15 am! I rushed out with last
night’s clothes still on and pulled on my Intima jersey in the office,
just in time for the photo shoot. Heady days indeed. I wonder where the
rest of the committee are now? I’ve had some wonderful times in Inti
College, Kuching during ’98/’99.

submission to The Mirror Project

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