Maxis MMS Road Show (girls)


Here are the photos of the Maxis MMS Road Show. Okay, the girls of
the Maxis MMS Roadshow anyway. πŸ˜‰ We went to see Shetland ponies and
found out that the event was over, but all is not lost coz I got some
photos of the Maxis girls and also the Movado fashion show at Lot 10
instead. Here’s the Maxis MMS roadshow, and to put up some semblance
that I was taking photos of the roadshow instead of the girls, here’s a
shot of the booths ;):


There were four Maxis girls there, but I could only take photos of
two of them before we had to go to the Movado fashion parade. This is
Girl #1:


This is Girl #2, which we all agreed was the best looking of all 4.


My apologies if there is any perceived objectification of women,
that is not intended and this is not the direction is
heading. Daniel was complaining about the lack of girls and you know
how I like to please my readers, so here is the first batch. The Movado
photo shoot has good looking guys and girls so if you want to see
those, leave a comment (it would take a long time to post and I need
motivation :p). BTW, I swear one of the models looked familiar, somehow
I associate her as one of Stephanie’s friends and she used to keep a
blog too? Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t reply the comments now, I have to
rush off to Chilli’s (BSC) soon because my paycheck just cleared so
dinner’s on me.

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