The veritable Urban Dictionary describes it as grooming for men, a rather polite term for the “back, crack and sack” hair removal it actually means. It just goes to show how David Beckham (bless/curse his soul) has managed to sell metrosexual to the modern man. 


I have recently been…er, convinced to try out a line of facial products. I know what you’re thinking!

What? The man renowned for using soap for everything (including my hair) is testing out cosmetic products? 

leach me

Er…well…that is…*shifts around uncomfortably*


Okay, yes I am!


Truth to be told I’m 28 and feeling every bit of it. Le sigh. Age is starting to catch up with me in ways I’ve never imagined. Wrinkles, my dear friends, wrinkles galore!


I had my face analyzed by the good people at Cellnique and was prescribed the following:

Drench Me
Off With Those Heads
Submerge Me
Shield Me SPF 25
Glow & Shine
Leach Me
Spots Got Shot


I was pleased to find out that there are no major blemishes (acne, blackheads etc) on my face – at least according to the consultant. I could have sworn I have a lot of large pores on my face as well as blackheads but apparently it wasn’t that bad.


Okay, back to the products I’ve got dry skin so I’m supposed to wash my face with Drench Me as a daily moisturizing cleanser before applying Off With Those Heads, which makes removing those pesky blackheads easy (I love this, I feel like the Queen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland whenever I say it). It works with whiteheads too! Just before I go out, I’ll be applying Shield Me (such descriptive names!) to retain moisture and prevent the dreaded Aging by Sol Invictus (The Invincible Sun).


The weekly procedure starts with Glow & Shine, which is an exfoliating mask. I was told to scrub softly instead of going around like a bull in a china shop. I didn’t know I portrayed that image. Hmph. Next comes Leach Me, the moisturizing mask which hydrates your skin to prevent aging. I have to keep this mask on for Β½ hour before applying Submerge Me as a deep moisturizing booster.

wash face

The Spots Got Shot is there as a blemish treatment serum cum oil control for pimple outbreaks and such (I do get them from time to time) so your skin can be blotch free!


It was like a crash course in skin care products. I leaned so much during the session that I can probably be a consultant (even memorized the terminology!) for guys hesitant to delve headfirst into this brave new world of metrosexuality. πŸ˜‰

mask open

The b.liv range is available at your friendly local neighborhood Guardian, Watson’s, Sasa, Alpro and Caring Pharmacy (which I hear is really caring).


b.liv is coming up with a new tagline search contest for their new packaging relaunch where you stand to win cash and prizes worth RM 1,500! Read more about the contest and the terms and conditions at the b.liv site. There’s no purchase required (the magic words!) and the first 30 entries will walk away with a b.liv product hamper worth RM 200! You can also get a free sample from the site.

mask done

Squeeze your creative juices and participate by emailing


Back to the b.liv treatment range, I quite like it actually, despite the time I need to apply this and that. I consider it a time investment towards looking good and I’m going to be using more of it (since it’s a free sample from the good people at Cellnique – thanks Iris!).

I’ve gotta keep my #1 asset (my face) in pristine condition.

You know la, need to kao lui. I’m still single you know? πŸ˜‰

Envy Health & Beauty Grand Opening

envy health and beauty

Envy Health & Beauty
had their grand opening officiated by YB Vincent Goh on the 10th of May 2008. I was up early to support Joyce’s and Mary’s venture. πŸ™‚

envy interior

The interior of Envy has been added with some frills for the press since reporters were coming to cover the opening ceremony.

envy pansar

The people from my company chipped in to get flowers for Envy. Joyce works in my office (we’re even on the same floor).

envy potpourri

There were already a lot of people there when I arrived (fashionably late, not intentionally, but due to the seminar) and Joyce, Mary and Shirley were there to greet visitors and pass out a bottle of drinking water with a cute bag of potpourri attached to it.

envy girls

The three girls were all wearing white uniforms which looks really professional.

envy shirley

This is Shirley, who is one of the partners with Joyce and Mary. I just met her that day. πŸ™‚

envy shirley er

I was rather curious about the little name tag located near Shirley’s left…er, cardiac region, so I asked her permission to take a very close-up photo of her cleava…er, I mean tag. Thanks for being a sport about the unusual request, Shirley! πŸ™‚ (and please stop snickering guys)

envy food

High tea was provided as well, with a selection of local delights for people to indulge in after the opening ceremony. Their product line is really good and worth the try. One of our team is actually an avid fan of their products and keeps it along with the natural skin care products she gets from

envy cake

The centerpiece is a huge blueberry cake with the word “Envy” scrivened – and yes, there really is such a word – on it.

envy eddy

The guest of honor arrived promptly at 10 am, which surprised me a little, since dignitaries usually bring the term “fashionably late” to new heights. πŸ˜‰

envy vincent

There was an opening speech by YB Vincent Goh, who is the designated VIP of the event and then the ribbon cutting ceremony was held to launch Envy Health & Beauty.We offer amazon vitamin c serum, if you want to care your skin.

envy cake cutting

The obligatory cake cutting ceremony was held after that.

envy ribbon

The other obligatory event was the ribbon cutting to signify the opening of this new establishment.

envy yb

The owners of Envy presented YB Vincent with a thank you gift to mark the end of the opening ceremony.

envy bp ad

I also took the liberty of putting out a congratulatory ad in Borneo Post for Envy…with a rather prominent self-promoting URL of a certain blog, naturally. πŸ˜‰ It cost me RM 170 which is pretty reasonable for the size.

envy congrats

Heartiest congratulations from to Joyce, Mary and Shirley. May Envy Health & Beauty be the envy of all other establishments. Okay, that was a rather lame bit of wordplay. :p

Envy Health & Beauty is located at No. 2, 1st Floor, Lorong Pahlawan 7E, Pusat Jaya Li Hua.

There is a previous post about Envy Health & Beauty on here.

Envy Health & Beauty


Envy Health & Beauty is having their official opening on the 10th of May, 2008. It’s owned by two of my friends – Joyce and Mary. Four of us were invited to a pre-opening sneak preview of the place and offered a free facial worth RM 50.


Thus, Katherine, Chiew Keing, Sheau Lih and myself trooped down to Envy to be the first guinea pigs. πŸ˜‰ I’m kidding, Mary has a lot of experience in doing this and so does Joyce. It’s just not open until this Saturday so they invited four of their closest friends to get a complimentary facial.

fluffy slippers

You change into fluffy slippers when you enter the establishment – red ones for females, blue ones for males. I didn’t even know it was color coded coz I wore the red ones. Heh!


The interior of Envy is very tastefully decorated and exudes a nice, clean and relaxing atmosphere. There are lounge chairs, bean bags and couches in the waiting room, which is meant as a place for friends to hang out and relax.


My favorite is the futon chairs and carpet seating area.


There is also a glass display cabinet showcasing the two major products they carry.


Usana is one of the latest nutritional fads to hit Sibu.


SenSe is the beauty product line that they are using in their in house facials.

facial room

The facial room is the highlight of this establishment and it has three beds with see through privacy curtains for a maximum for three simultaneous customers at once.


There is mood lighting for each of the beds…


…and soft, relaxing music playing for a stress free ambiance.

mary and me

It was soon my turn to get the facial and I got Mary to do mine.


It took about 30 minutes or so to get everything done.


This is the Before shot.


This is the After shot.

envy thanks

Thanks to Joyce and Mary of Envy for inviting us in for a pre-launch preview and a free facial! πŸ™‚

Envy will be opening on the 10th of May, 2008.

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