This is not a fire drill?

I went to campus with my digicam today to take some photos and heard the
fire alarm going off in Block B as soon as the shuttle pulled into the
loop. I saw a fire truck in the alley so I snapped a couple of pics of
that as well as the fire fighters walking into B block. I must have looked
a bit suss taking photos like that. I wonder if they think I pulled the
fire alarm? Heh. Here are the photos, click on them for a larger picture
that opens up in a new window.

All pictures are clickable to bring up a larger picture.

The fire engine sitting idle in the alley. Block B is camera right.

The fire fighters were studying a fire indicator board very intently.

The fire door leading to the computer labs in Floor 3 of Block B. Please
make your way in an orderly fashion to the evacuation area.

The file of people using the escalators to go down to the second floor.

The fire doors leading to the left wing computer labs. It is closed.

On the top of the escalators.

The bridge area on the second floor is where everyone decided to go.

Masses of people standing around and talking at the bridge.

More people milling about.

Still more people hanging around.

People, people everywhere…

The all clear is given and everyone started to go back to the labs.

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