Maggie Mee Goreng @ Smart Curry House

Restoran Smart Curry House.

This is Restoran Smart Curry House – it’s located at Jalan Gereja,
near St. John’s Cathedral and relatively near my workplace. I have to
say that this is one of the more abysmal Maggie mee goreng that I’ve
ever had…they batch fry it by the dozens (literally). It’s this big
wok and they get a lot of maggie mee goreng orders in the evening/night
since the roti stall is closed so they mass cook it in a big wok and
serve it up. It looks like this:


My gf who had the mee hoon goreng reported that it was dismal as well. Here’s a photo of the interior:


It’s not packed coz two groups left and their tables were cleaned up
when I took the shot but it’s surprisingly popular. However, I’ll go
for Ali Maju’s Maggie mee goreng any day. It’s not the best, but it’s
good anyway.

I apologize for not posting the nasi ayam post, it’s really long and
this one is shorter and I need to go to sleep. However, I did reply the
comments and I will reply your email (unless you’re in NZ, no it’s not
you ;)) later tonight. I have to apologize for not replying emails – it
is impossible to do so with the volume I get everyday, sorry to
everyone who mails me. I suggest IM if you want to get in touch with me
– my UIN is 7345320 and I’m only online at night, after work and
dinner, usually around 10 – 11 pm but most times I’m tired and I don’t
switch on ICQ.

Anyway, the promised nasi ayam post will be up tomorrow during lunch
time (GMT +8). I’ll write it during my lunch hour, I reckon that’s fair
since it is after all a break. I’m not taking up company time if I
update during my lunch hour, right? Right. I don’t even go to my own
blog during work hours now. Wait for it tomorrow! πŸ™‚ I’m going to eat
supper and then go straight to bed.

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