Sibu kampua mee

sibu kampua mee

This is my favorite place for no-frills kampua mee in Sibu. Everyone
has their favorite stall and most would swear by that one. Basically,
kam pua mee is a noodle dish that can be made within seconds – dropping
the noodles into a hot, boiling broth and then mixing it with oil (some
use vegetable, but purists will accept nothing but pork), soy sauce
(optional), chilli sauce (optional) and spring onions and fried onions.
It is then served with several slices of char siew or BBQ pork and a
bowl of soup. It’s fast food, Sibu style.

sibu kampua sauce
The sauce is prepared first according to your order – you can choose to
have it plain (just ask for kampua), with soy sauce (“kampua puak tau
yu” in Foochow, tau yu being soya/soy sauce), with chilli sauce
(“kampua puak lak”, lak being a direct translation of “hot”) or both
(“kampua puak lak puak tau yu”, cascading the words).

sibu kampua cooking
The noodles is then dropped into the boiling broth and cooked for a
while. You can opt for the flat noodles if you want, otherwise the
default is the round noodles.

sibu kampua mixing
The cooked noodles is then mixed with the sauce(s).

sibu kampua soy chilli
This is how I like my kampua – with chilli sauce and soya sauce.

sibu kampua closeup
Here’s a closer look at the kampua mee.

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