LL Banana Leaf review

ll banana leaf

LL Banana Leaf is a place serving South Indian food. This
establishment has been around for quite some time and it is famous for
its banana leaf rice, which is said to be the most authentic and best
South Indian fare around these parts.

ll banana leaf food

There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from. These are the
dishes that you choose to complement the banana leaf rice. We had green
curry chicken, chicken masala, tandoori chicken and lamb curry.

ll banana leaf serve

The most interesting experience of LL Banana Leaf is when an actual
banana leaf is folded on your table and the waiter starts to pile on
the various condiments that come with banana leaf rice on the banana
leaf in small, neat piles.

ll banana leaf condiments

There is complimentary mango chutney and other things I couldn’t
identify. We were also given a cracker, the actual name of which eludes
me right now.

ll banana leaf rice

The process is then repeated by another waiter, this time bearing
gifts of steamed rice. The waiter scoops out bowls of steaming rice
from a large rice container and this is refillable. The service here is
good; the rice person goes from table to table, offering to replenish
depleted stocks of rice.

ll banana leaf dish

This is the view of the final banana leaf presentation. There are
various condiments, rice and a cracker on the side of the naked banana

ll banana food

These are the dishes that we had.

ll banana leaf mango

Naturally, it’s best washed down with a nice, cold glass of mango
lassi. It’s a yoghurt based drink that tastes great! I love the mango
lassi here.

LL Banana Leaf is a great place to go for authentic South Indian
food. Go for the banana leaf experience itself, it nothing else.

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