Restoren Islamik Balkis

restoren islamik balkis

Restoren Islamik Balkis is a Halal eating establishment in Sibu. I
like the name of the place so we decided to go there for lunch. Just
because it has a cool name.

islamik balkis food

I had nasi briyani (RM 5) which came in one of those huge steel
plates. Restoren Islamik Balkis serves very generous portions of food.
The nasi briyani came with a prime cut of chicken too – the classic 10
piece cut that produces the drum attached to the thigh (I’m being
pretentious here ;)). My gf went for the roti telur which she finished,
so I guess it was good.

islamik balkis briyani

I’ll recommend going to Restoran Islamik Balkis for the nasi briyani
though – the meat is very tender, with an almost melt in your mouth
texture, and the rice is soft and tastes better than most nasi briyanis
I’ve had. It comes with three different kinds of dips too. There’s a
fourth receptacle on the dish but I’m not sure if they left out one or
it’s meant for discarded bones. πŸ˜‰

Restoren Islamik Balkis – the best nasi briyani in Sibu to date…

…and no, they did not pay me to say that. πŸ˜‰

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