Sambal Bak Chang / Zhong Zhi (Rice Dumplings)

penny bak chang

I’m told that it’s the Bak Chang festival today. Penny brought a
couple of the rice dumplings to the office today – it’s a twist on the
popular bak chang, with a unique filling catering to Malaysian taste
buds…it’s a sambal bak chang.

what bak chang looks like

This is what bak chang looks like – it’s a pyramid shaped rice
dumpling wrapped with a single, long pandan leaf and bound with string.
There are various different shapes and sizes, some smaller, some
looking like a box, there’s literally all sorts out there.

sambal bak chang

This is what the inside of the sambal bak chang looks like. Sambal
is a spicy paste that’s commonly eaten with nasi lemak in Malaysia.

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