Full Body Condom

full body condom

This silvery pack contains a revolutionary product known as a full
body condom. I got it for RM 12.50 – well worth the price, if you
factor in the total area of coverage. ;)

full body condom cont

Here’s the contents of the full body comdom. It has the red “full body condom” itself and an Operator’s Manual.

full body condom man

The manual proclaims this product as “The Choice of a Safe
Generation”. Heh! This is Brit humor at its best, although this product
is manufactured in the US.

full body condom 1

It shows step by step “instructions” on how to…er, don
the condom, as it were. The first step shows a divine entity and a
caricature of a man having the Fear of God (TM) struck into him in a
series of hilarious pictures.

full body condom 2

The second step shows outrageous and totally rib cracking funny text
and pictures proclaiming the “protection” this full body condom

full body condom 3

Here’s the third step…

full body condom 4

…the fourth,

full body condom 5

and the final step. I’ll let you read the manual yourself, it made me laugh so hard.

full body condom red

This is the actual “full body condom” – a gag which is made from a red thick plastic bin liner with a hole cut out on top.

full body condom start

Well, being the safe sex proponent that I am, I tried out this
magnificent product that will ensure protection (though at what cost,
I’m yet to ascertain ;)).

full body condom wear

I’ll tell you something…this full body condom is a tight fit, no pun intended. ;)

full body condom full

I finally got it on…it’s so hot in there, they weren’t kidding in the manual.

full body condom haircut

I must say that I find the full body condom to be extremally restrictive for any activity…that’s my new haircut btw…

full body condom off

I couldn’t manage to keep it on for more than a minute…at least it tore off easy. ;)

Full body condom – it’s a wonderful concept, but ultimately fails in the deployment stage. Heh!

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