Win pure gold Olympics medals worth RM 12,000!

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It’s Olympics season and Malaysia has a contingent of 30 athletes to participate in 9 sports in the London 2012 Summer Olympics! We’ve got our very own competition here in the spirit of the Malaysian delegation and you’ll also get to win gold medals! πŸ™‚

…but first, a little bit about gold.


I’ve been monitoring the forex market lately, coz I have some Euros that I need to change to pay my rent. Just keeping an eye on the dismal Euro exchange rate – it has been steadily dropping by the day, it’s 3.78 last time I checked. The USD is also on the decline, and when things get to be this way the price of commodities like gold increases.

It’s the traditional hedge against a recession and gold is universally accepted as the basis of currency – federal banks have to hold the same amount in gold and silver for banknotes it issues.


Anyway, back to the topic on hand Maxis is running a contest called Launch Your Way To Gold to commemorate the Malaysian contingent going to the Summer Olympiad! The grand prize (there will be 5 for each category) is a medal made of pure gold worth RM 12,000!

The contest is based on how the Olympics is run – there are 5 categories in which you can participate in. You can choose one (or all five) based on your strengths – whether it be writing, photography or even stuff like costumes and poses.

There will be a pure gold Olympic medal to be given out to the winner of each respective category, which are:



This is where you flex your muscles and pose like an Olympian. Do you know how to do great impressions? Well, here’s where you can show off how well you pull things off! πŸ™‚

Tribute To Our Olympians

Gifted with the written word? Write an essay or a nice catchphrase and submit your most creative tribute to the Malaysian Olympic athletes. You can also use pictures, illustrations or photos to supplement your entry.

Captioned By Fans


This is for those who always has a witty remark at hand. Images will be posted here and it’s your job to caption them. I found this one particularly funny. Heh.

Rings of Creativity

You know the 5 interlocking rings symbolizing the Olympics? You can make your own here out of anything – just get that creative mind in gear and put together your own interlocking rings with cheese ring snacks, tires, or whatever that looks vaguely circle-ish. πŸ˜‰

Malaysia’s New Rally Cry

raya house

Are you good in getting people riled up (in a good way)? Well, here’s your chance to submit your most powerful and stirring slogan if Malaysia were to host the Olympics!

win olympics gold medals

Besides the five pure gold medals worth RM 12,000, there’s also a host of other prizes guaranteed to make you drool – iOS and Android smart phones and tablets are up for grabs. There’s also daily prizes and daily winners for Maxis Prepaid Internet Starter Kits, cloud storage space and ebooks.

Read all about the prizes, get more details and submit your entries now and Launch Your Way To Gold!

Gold medals worth RM 12,000 awaits! πŸ™‚

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