McDonald's Foldover McValue Meal (New Recipe)

McDonald’s came out with a new and improved version of their Grilled Chicken Foldover [] for reasons which I can’t comprehend since the first implementation tasted fine to me.

mcd open till late

I capitalized on the new 2 am closing hours and went to McDonald’s at 1 am in the morning to check out their Grilled Chicken Foldover with the new recipe.

foldover value meal

The Foldover McValue Meal costs RM 9.90 for a large meal with fries and Coke. I noticed that the packaging for the Grilled Chicken Foldover has changed as well.

mcd new chicken foldover

The Grilled Chicken Foldover now comes in a muted brown instead of a dark rouge packaging and the graphics has been given an overhaul as well, probably to differentiate the “old” Grilled Chicken Foldover and the “new” Grilled Chicken Foldover.

mcd new chicken foldover open

The ad for the new Grilled Chicken Foldover describes it as “Lightly-grilled chicken patties, fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Now with enhanced garlic flavor in our mayonnaise and added veggies like carrots, red and white cabbage.”

mcd new chicken foldover bite

The same flatbread and dual chicken patty concept is used and the only recipe changes are garlic and some vegetables. I ate it last night and it tasted the same to me.

I honestly can’t tell the difference between the old and new Grilled Chicken Foldover.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t.


McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover

mcd grilled chicken foldover

McDonald’s just came out with a new menu addition – Grilled Chicken Foldover. The tagline goes “The BIG taste sensation that’s here to stay!” and there is a “100% white chicken meat”
logo on the promotional posters too. Hmm…I didn’t know there was any
other kind of chicken meat. Last I heard, all chickens are considered
as white meat. πŸ˜‰

mcd chicken foldover front

The description goes “Treat yourself to the big taste sensation of
two lightly-grilled 100% white chicken meat patties, crispy lettuce,
juicy tomatoes and fresh onions, all topped with creamy garlic
mayonnaise and tightly tucked into a tasty toasted flatbread.”. The
packaging of the Grilled Chicken Foldover is really nice, with a custom
made full body cardboard wrap with detailed illustrations.

mcd chicken foldover back

The back of the McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover is no less
detailed, and the quality of the custom made cardboard wrap is quite

mcd chicken foldover eztear

The Grilled Chicken Foldover is nested inside the custom cardboard
wrap, with an “Easy-Tear” (just a trademark able word for
“perforation”) going around the entire body.

mcd chicken foldover open

This is what the McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover looks like –
there’s a herb infused flatbread covering two chicken meat patties. The
packaging is pretty nifty too, it only opens up the upper half of the
Grilled Chicken Foldover so that it can be enjoyed without soiling the
user’s fingers (coz the bottom half has the packaging intact).

mcd chicken foldover inside

Here’s a closer look at the inside of the Grilled Chicken Foldover –
it has two oblong shaped flat grilled chicken patties (it looks like a
steak cut) and other vegetables topped with garlic mayo inside the
folded flatbread…

mcd chicken foldover close

…and here’s what it looks like after I’ve taken a couple of bites from it.

mcd chicken foldover us

I went to McDonald’s for lunch just now with my coworker Penny, and
her friends Lisa (who happens to be a Heng Hua as well, just like me)
and Lui Lee.

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