Defaced and no screenshot…woe!

This site was “hacked” (er…defaced would be the correct term) by
some script kiddies sometime during 3 pm to 5 pm (GMT +8) today. They
just replaced index.html with another file, and I took a screenshot but
before pasting it, I was looking at the source, saw a URL and copied
that (losing what was on the “clipboard” previously – the screenshot)
and now I don’t have anything to post up.

Anyway, if anyone has a screenshot, I would appreciate it if you
would mail it to me, coz I rectified the issue (it takes all of 1
minute once you notice it) before I realized that I haven’t pasted the
screenshot into Photoshop. Alternatively, if anyone knows of any
“website defacement sites” where those l33t h4ck3rz post up images of
sites they have “hacked”, that would be appreciated as well, would love
to have that screenshot.

Anyway, if you’re the perpetrators behind this, please “hack” me
again ok? I would love to have a screenshot. Plus, I didn’t even
remember your group’s name or any of it’s members, and what’s the point
of what you do if there’s no memory of it? I promise I’ll post a
screenshot up and give you more publicity or something. πŸ˜‰

Well, I’ll be off to the company “Berbuka Puasa Bersama Kami di Nipah” later. I’m hungry already.

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