Why do people crave bananas when they’re feeling depressed? My
theory is (I have a theory for just about anything, just ask me), it’s
because bananas naturally contain tryptophan. That is a precursor for
5HTP, which you can also get in capsule form in some health food shops.
No one I know takes 5HTP for anything other preloading or postloading
(softening the comedown from Ecstasy (MDMA)) though. Well, we all know
that serotonin is 5HT2 and 5HTP is a precursor of 5HT2 (serotonin).
This information is all available somewhere if you search for it. Thus,
if we follow this logic and we assume that the body does readily
convert tryptophan -> 5HTP -> 5HT2 (serotonin), then bananas
(which contains tryptophan) is a natural anti-depressant. Serotonin is
naturally produced in your brain and is what actually makes you happy
(to put it in simple terms). And that’s why some people crave bananas
when they’re depressed and that’s why I reached into the fruit bowl
when I went for lunch today. There you have it. I think…:)

Hmm…I’ve always found the word ‘banana’ slightly amusing. Guess my mind never did graduate from primary school.

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