Fu Yu Kopi Shop

fu yu kopi shop

This is Fu Yu Kopi Shop at Sekama. It has a larger variety of dim sum and is famed for its fried prawn kolo mee.

fy balcony

The place has a wooden balcony type extension, that’s the best
seating arrangements for a breakfast…it’s nice, you can see the
bustling morning activity around you.

fy 99 ds

This is 99 Dim Sum, one of the stalls in Fu Yu Kopi Shop. The
proprietor is a friendly woman who has a large repertoire of dim sum

fy 99 offerings

…as you can see here. The dim sums here are mostly one off i.e.
one of a kind, so when that dish is gone, it’s gone for the day.

fy dim sum

I think we ordered five dishes but she forgot about one of
them…either that, or the one that we chose was out. There’s also
chili sauce provided, which goes well with some dim sums.

fy chicken bits

This is chicken bits in Thai chili sauce. It’s very nice and flavorful, with the chicken meat flavor infused through broiling.

fy siu mai ds

Here’s a variant of siu mai which doesn’t contain pork, but a
conglomeration of other ingredients. It has mystery meat and other

fy fish ds

This is a fish based dim sum wrapped in seaweed strips. It’s basically a large fish oblong.

fy stuffed ds

I thought this was har kau, but it’s not. It’s a mostly vegetable
based dim sum…in fact, I didn’t think I tasted any meat in there.

fy prawn kolo

Here’s the dish this place is famous for – prawn fried kolo mee. It
has two prawn fried batter pieces on top, but otherwise, it’s a normal
kolo mee. The fried prawn mini fillets were good though.

It’s a good place to have breakfast, with the al fresco (this term
should be banned in Malaysian food reviews, since most of our dining
establishments are al fresco by nature) balcony and the hustle and
bustle of the Sekama district.

Fock Hai Tim Sam Cafe

fock hai tim sum cafe

Fock Hai Tim Sam Cafe has been a permanent fixture of Jalan Padungan
for over 10 years. It first opened its doors a decade ago and has been
serving basic dim sum ever since.

fock hai offerings

This is a really old skool dim sum establishment, what they’ll call
a tea house back in the days. They have a very limited array of dim sum
dishes, just the basics, plus several varieties of paus.

fock hai sio bee

We ordered some sio bee (pork filling in a paper thin wrapping). It tasted alright, but it’s not the best I’ve ever had…

fock hai har kau

Their har kau (prawn filling with translucent wrapping) is on a
whole other level though. It’s really good! I’ve never had such good
har kau outside expensive specialized dim sum establishments. Highly

fock hai lmk

This is another staple of dim sum breakfasts – lo mai kai. It’s a
rice based dim sum, with meat at the bottom, steamed in fully wrapped
foil to infuse the rice with the meat flavors.

fock hai lmk macro

This place serves good lo mai kai but there’s a pet peeve of mine
that manifests itself here…they don’t fully de-bone the chicken, so
you have to spit out bits of bone…

fock hai bfast

Nevertheless, it’s a good place for a quick breakfast if you work
somewhere in Jalan Padungan…which would comprise of a sizable amount
of Kuching people, since it’s in the heart of town. πŸ™‚

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