Hennessy lor mee @ Setapak

Hennessy lor mee ayer panas

Becky told us about this cognac infused lor mee at Ayer Panas Hawker Center in Setapak and being a huge fan of Hennessy VSOP it was decided that we’ll pay this stall a visit after the Zorbing session.

Hennessy lor mee

The premises of the acclaimed Hennessy lor mee is very unassuming. Their kitchen is quite basic, with their claim to fame sealed by the various empty boxes of Hennessy Very Special Old Pale hanging around the place. You can’t miss it.

Hennessy lor mee jerine

I would be hard pressed to find this place if not for the GPS (remember to type Ayer Panas instead of Air Panas) but the trip was well worth it. We were famished and ordered their flagship dish but before that let me introduce you to the other dishes we had:

Hennessy lor mee hokkien mee

Hokkien Mee. It was good, not very oily, but lacks the deep fried lard that makes or breaks the dish.

Hennessy lor mee pork

I liked the kung pow pork too.

rice vermicelli in wine soup

We also ordered the rice vermicelli in wine soup with lala (RM 11). It’s another one of the famous dishes here, with slices of fresh fish providing an aquatic twist to this already twisted alcohol spiked noodles.

Hennessy lor mee mixed

Back to the Hennessy lor mee (which I remind you is their signature dish, bar none) – it was every bit as tasty as I imagined and more. The cook put a rather generous amount of Hennessy VSOP shots into the dish and the almost philanthropic portions of prawns and pork provides the protein to counter the carbohydrates.

Hennessy lor mee setapak

The Hennessy really added a lot to the taste of the lor mee – mixed into the dish, it became more than the sum of its parts – hearty, rich and sweet. It’s well worth the drive down and at RM 11, it’s practically a steal!

Hennessy lor mee us

Thanks for lunch Becky! She knows the proprietor so we got cutting queue privileges. πŸ˜‰

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