I found my long lost keys! I lost my keys about a month ago, tried
searching my whole room but didn’t end up finding it. Well, while doing
laundry today, I happened to look in the small ledge under my wardrobe and
there it was! Good thing I found it, now I can lock my door for a change.
I’ve been keeping my door unlocked even when I go out coz I didn’t want to
lock myself out. I know that’s not very safe but I’m sure the keys are
somewhere, I just couldn’t find them. I knew they’ll turn up one day and
they did. πŸ™‚

My room key, cupboard key and dog tag to open doors in Roberts Hall. On a
different note, it seems that the 885 has high chromatic distortion when
taking pictures indoors. Noisy shadows too, but at least outdoor pics are
really good.

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