I bath like the ass cheek guy in Kung Fu Hustle except I don't use longkang water to wash my hair

kung fu bathing

The water board, in its infinite wisdom has decided to cut off water
supply to my place of residence. Water, as we all know, is Very
Important (TM) as it is the substance used to flush various bodily
fluids, shower with, and drink from (if you’re so inclined).

I had an outstanding bill of RM 4.95. RM 4.95!!! It’s not like its
RM 490 for crying out loud! Move back two decimal points! Now I have to
use the (only) running tap in my place in the balcony to fill a bucket
to take a bath.

kung fu bathing balcony

The space was at the balcony and I’m on the third floor so my family jewels were on display for all and sundry to see.

Yes, please feel free to stare at my gonads while I attempt to take a bath, friendly neighbors!

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