The perfect metaphor for gaining weight – The Rice Theory (TM)

my weight

I just weighted myself at a weighing scale and noticed that I am now clocking in at a rather  respectable (?) 69.2 kg.

me on scale

This is approximately a 10 kg increase from my previous weight (before rehab) and I had a friend relate to me how gaining 10 kg actually feels, but since it’s so subtle and nefarious you don’t actually realize it. It’s called The Rice Theory (TM).

turtle rice

The Rice Theory (TM) was related to me during dinner just now by my friend who watched me binge on food and then went with me to the mall for the weighing machine and it goes like this:

lugging rice

Pick up a 10 kg bag of rice from your nearest mall and try lugging that around. Imagine yourself carrying that 10 kg bag of rice. The. Entire. Day. Everywhere you go. 24/7. That’s how gaining 10 kg of weight feels like.

Jesus Christ, I need more exercise…

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