Deja Vu

Hmm, sometimes I just get this weird feeling of deja vu. I was loading up this page in my HTML
editor when I felt that I’ve done this before. It made me think of something bad – my recurring
dreams, of which I have three.

Dream #1: Starts with me looking out the window of my old place in Kuching and seeing this huge
mountain with an old library made of large books in the middle. Its literally made of large books,
like one large book for each of the sides and the top. I am always 7 in my dreams. There was an old
custodian inside who told me I need to walk up to the building at the summit for some reason. Now
this was night time, and there was no one around, except for the custodian and he disappeared after
I talked to him too. And until today, I still don’t know what’s on the summit, I can’t even see the
summit structure in my dreams.

Dream #2: I got locked in the Emporium (?) in Kuching when they closed for the night, you know,
that old place opposite the MAS building in town. I am feeling scared coz I was around 7 in my
dream and I had to to walk up to the highest floor where they keep the toys. I just HAD to, it was
a compulsion and I can’t stop the flow, even though I KNOW what’s up there and it’s not something I
want to see. My feet just started walking up and I rounded the last flight of stairs and the door
was open and I can see it, and I always wake up then. The thing that was waiting for me is a large
doll, the ones little girls play with, with blond hair, eyes that shuts when you put them down, etc
but this one was alive and laughing, a creepy laugh. And it wasn’t in it’s package, it was just
sitting there on the shelf.

Dream #3: I am in my Kuching place and this one was when I was 7 too. I kept an aging formula
in the fridge, you’ve seen this stuff in movies, its the type that makes you age instantaneously
until death once you drink it. I walked into the kitchen, and there I saw my mom chopping meat and
my mom was old, really old with a beard and stuff. I asked her in horror, did you drink that stuff
in the fridge? And she replied yeah, there is nothing that can be done now. She said she was going
to wash some clothes and when I followed her into the bathroom I saw only her hand there, it was
chopped off but in the dream I didn’t think that someone had chopped of her hand but that she’s
gone and only her hand is left.

Frankly, all three of the dreams disturbs me. There are two things in common in those dreams,
I’m always around 7 years old and its always in Kuching.

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