Wet farts

The stained seat of my pants

I’m wondering whether I should post this at all since it’s so
disgusting. After much contemplation, I thought “what the heck”. πŸ™‚
This happened today. I had just woken up. That’s my comfy old PJs you
see. Anyway, there I was, sitting up after waking and turning on the
computer. It’s just within arms reach because you won’t believe how
small the room in our halls are.

I have a small bed that’s so small that everyone who sees it thinks
I’m going to fall off the bed the moment I turn. Beside my bed is my
table. That’s the only table provided by halls in the room and there’s
no space left to upgrade your table should you feel the desire to. I
have a chair in front of the table. On the table, is the computer.
There is not an inch of space between the bed, chair and table.

There is no way to pass through unless you jump over the chair.
Anyway, that’s how small my room is but I don’t know why I am talking
about this. Well, anyway, I just woke up and turned on the computer to
check my mail. I felt a fart coming on. That’s normal, I have very
regular bowel movements. I have to go very soon after I wake up. Well,
I let it go and noticed something uncharacteristic about the
flatulence. It felt…wet.

I turned around to look at myself. I didn’t really even have to since I already felt it before I saw it. I wasn’t wearing anything under my PJs. Slimy. Accidents do happen. Oops!

Sorry if I disgusted anyone. πŸ™‚

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