What goes up must come down…


i feel terrible…i can hardly bring myself to sit in front of the
hallunications you get from sleep deprivation is aamazing…the
computer and type this. i’m so sleep deprived, i haven’t had anything
to sleep and its been more than three days since i slept. haven’t eaten
anything in many days too, having permanent hallucinations from sleep
deprivation, i can see bars on my computer and they’re moving….
i want to sleep but i can[t
i’ll have to go hardcore with the benzos toite. good thing i have suck a big stash, blobs. i can’t even b fuked tuping properly.
ate and snorted 29 dexamphetamines over ythe course of last nite and
now everything is strange. they’re someone by the window. my closet is
breathing slowly…sleep deprivation sucks you get the worst
hallucinations of them. my dick is a limp piece of jelly from all that
amohetamines and even dirt is moving around on my monitor and its
suddenly so thick.

well dammit this is gonna take days for me to recover from. fucking
depressed and lethargic and colors are all strange, mu orange shirt is
very neon orangeand my white towel is slightly orange. everything
sucks, haven’tslept for so many days….so man y days,,,,

i feel like shit, you know those
it just sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

wju doen’t everutjomg look rigjt? blur amd tje screen is so thick and
the colors and so wierd adn blobs go awau! my pupils are still dilated
even though its been several hours since my ;ast dose. blobs go awau; i
don’t feel like eating evne though its been
twice i felt this bad. once was when i went kardkore with meth and fucked myself sideways for several daus.
just so that everyuone wont say i’m always glorifying drugs, i’m
telling you the dark side now. a stimulant crash is so fuckked. i wamt
tp nbe happy again. i cam
t ne fucked correcting my spelling mistakes you do it for me if you
want. patterns patterns everwnere. those transparent blobs tjat os
permanantly in my vision. gotta knock myself out with benzos tonite and
get some fuckin sleep thats what i gotta do. blobs go away. bye

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