Remorsefulness – spell check says there is such a word


That’s me, taken today as promised. Showing my girlfriend my
remorseful face to apologize for not hearing the cell phone ring
yesterday night. She called me 39 times but I didn’t even hear it! I’ve
never gone into such a deep sleep before. I’m sorry Louisa! I hate it
when that happens too. πŸ™‚ I slept like a dead man yesterday. It was
only for a couple of hours, I was feeling tired so I laid down for a
while and I just totally passed out. I haven’t been sleeping much
lately because I’m finishing up my Industrial Experience stuff. Several
other people called me and I got a couple of SMSs as well but I never
even heard anything. It was the dreamless sleep of the dead. πŸ™‚


It was around 8 pm at that time and I only woke up at around 1 am.
Adrian called me for supper and I must have been in a low sleep stage
then coz I heard the phone ringing this time. What luck, I would have
slept through the night otherwise. I didn’t feel hungry but the Berry
Tornado sure looked good and ice cream is easy to digest. πŸ™‚

Well, there’s another reason for being remorseful. I failed my
summer semester subject by 5 marks. I got 45. Two remorsefulness for
the price of one. How wonderful.

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