Crafty Motherfucker


Some say he’s afflicted with schadenfreude
Others say he’s just kiasu to the extreme
but whatever he has
we’ll never know
why he feels the urge to inform your friends
“There’s something I feel responsible to tell you”
“Our mutual friend takes drugs”
(or whatever it is)

It doesn’t matter what the accusation is…
the ‘sin’ would expand to fit the lie
for the active schadenfreude does not let truth get in the way of his pleasure
The aim is just to character assassinate, to discredit, to elavate himself beside the accused
Primal behavior.
But always, a disclaimer at the end
“I’m just telling you this coz I feel sorry for you”
“Please don’t tell our friend and ruin our 10 year relationship”

Ah, the crafty motherfucker…
for he knows that discussing it with the accused would expose his lies
Counting on the receiver’s kindness to get away with it…
and every crafty motherfucker knows it works most of the time.
But not all the time
coz the smart ones would think “Why are you saying this about YOUR friend?”
and wonder…

Everyone has a crafty motherfucker in their lives
Don’t you think otherwise…
I have one
Do you have one too?

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