I happened to chance upon a loaf of bread that has been uneaten for about a month behind my desk
when I dropped my wallet. I knew I bought a loaf of bread some time ago and didn’t finish it, but I
haven’t seen it around so I assumed I chucked it away after the use by date has gone by. Apparently
not. It fell down the back of my desk and sat there unnoticed until today.

Pretty innocent looking from afar

A closer look through the packaging reveals that something is not quite right. Holding my
breath, I removed the air tight tag on top:

A peek through the top of the bread packaging. It didn’t smell bad at all. I could only detect a
slight cheesy smell but I didn’t breath in deeply anyway. Didn’t want the spores to get into my
nose and lodge inside my brain and slowly mutate me into a cauliflower. Pretty intricate flora
designs can be seen here. Some greenish stuff, some whitish stuff and some blackish stuff. A work
of art by nature.

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