BTS Day 2: Termite Queen!

termite queen and king

I just noticed a booth by Termite System Specialist Sdn Bhd which has a real life display of termites! They have a chunk of earth with a living termite queen and king and heaps of termites swarming (or whatever it is that termites do) around. It’s wonderful!

Here’s a video of the termite display (with commentary):

living termites display

Download: Living termites display []

Today has been busy, so I didn’t get a chance to tour around much
and take photos. I hear we have one of the busiest booths in our show.
I know I said “We’re so confident with our product that we’re offering
you an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee” more than I cared to.
I’m not much of a pitch person…

at a group shot

Here’s a photo of me (white shirt) with the AT & A people (brown shirts).

bts parking tip

This is a tip for the people who want to go to Permata (for the
seafood, bar, or just to park there) – get your parking ticket stamped
at this self-service Parking Coupon Verification Counter and it’s a
flat rate of RM 2 per entry instead of RM 1 per hour.

This is the traditional show grounds tour, this time it’s taken in a different section of the Building and Trade Show (BTS):

bts day 2

Download: BTS Day 2 []

taking turns for dinner
L-R: Yee, Deng, me (Huai Bin)

It was such a busy time for our booth we had to take turns to
eat…note the discrepancies in the number of people and the number of

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