BTS Day 3: Booth babes!

janet kam kam

The term “booth babes” is a totally un-politically correct term, so
we’ll use the phrase “aesthetically pleasing female liaisons” instead.
I’ve been in this convention for several days – tomorrow is the last
day. This is the Best of Show – Janet Lim from Kam Kam Sanitaryware Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Kim Hin). She’s the Sales Officer, or so I gather from her business card.

janet is god

Of all the females in the show, I immediately noticed her – she’s
the one with the looks, the attitude (though that dissipates when you
talk to her), and…well, this is a difficult topic to approach without
seeming like a pig, so I’ll just say it once and for all – Janet Lim is
absolutely fabulous, the best female in BTS 2004 in my eyes.

I wanted to take a photo of her since the first day but I didn’t get
around to it until today. I think she was sick of me approaching her
for photographs/videos – I think I did that 5-6 times coz I wanted a
really good shot of her and my coworker Deng was going on about how my
photography doesn’t capture her beauty in real life. Oh, and the last
time was when I was totally ethanol impaired…now that’s a good
impression. *shrugs*

me with janet

Gorgeous isn’t she? My apologies for “spoiling” the photo with my
less-than-pleasant mug. I would say “/me drools” but then that wouldn’t
sit well with my gf, so I’ll refrain. πŸ˜‰ Oh shit, come to think of it,
I wrote down my blog’s URL in my business card when I passed it to her
– I hope she doesn’t see this…

janet me uti
Last shot, I was ethanol impaired while this photo was taken…

Nevertheless, I won’t be posting up the videos and other photos of
her – that’s my personal collection. :p I probably would go out early
tomorrow and develop the photos I promised to several people though-
just shove it into one of my smaller CF cards and pass it to a photo
studio. Come to BTS 2004 – see Janet in real life, I haven’t seen a
more elegant (old skool word, but it fits) person in ages.

Right, here’s the other BTS 2004 female booth personalities (it’s so hard being PC nowadays, I exhaust my thesauruses):

me with loh again

This is our booth neighbor Loh. She won’t be coming tomorrow (it’s
her last day) so I told her I’ll mail her photos to her. Come to think
of it, I’ll just pass it to the booth management.

nu coat girls

These are the girls from Nu-Coat. I didn’t get their name too, it
was a busy day today, so I had to run and shoot and get back to my
booth (before getting pissed at the end of the night though).

slidehide girl

Here’s the girl from SlideHide. Much props to her for being
friendly! She’s great! They have these concealable compartments that
would be perfect to keep your dru…er, items,
concealed…except the law enforcement officers here are too smart for
that shit. You know what they do when they raid your residence? They go
through the ceiling boards and toilet cistern – most obvious places of
concealment. That is why I put my stuff in plain view – I reckon
they’ll be looking too hard for concealed drugs to see the stuff that’s
not concealed. πŸ˜‰

me with slidehide

This is a photo of me with her. I took several (again) coz the
previous ones didn’t come out so well (people walking into the frame
etc) – thanks for being a good sport! Cheers!

lunch with deng

Okay, back to the convention stuff – here’s lunch with Deng at
McDonald’s. They have a promo going on where you get a McFloat for
McFree with a McChicken at no extra McPrice. Yes, that is my Xanax Face
(TM) – try and pitch rude strangers and tell me you don’t need some
chemical assistance without resorting to unacceptably violent measures.
Xanax is good. My friend, I would not have apologized if I wasn’t on
benzodiazepines, you high and mighty fuck. Retaliation beckons, please
don’t let me see you in town when I’m not representing the company. I

Anyway, we take turns for lunch, I like going with Deng, she reminds me of a friend I have.

huygens dinner
L-R: Jordan, Deng, me (Huai Bin)

This is dinner…at the discussion area booth beside our booth…we have a RM 50 meal allowance from the company.

We have two videos today, one of the last route inside and another of the outside exhibition area:

bts day 3

Download: BTS Day 3, indoor []

bts day 3 outdoor

Download: BTS Day 3, outdoor []

Tomorrow is the last day of BTS (Building and Trade Show) 2004 – come and visit booth S6 and I’ll feature you on

…but only if you say so, I don’t know who you are if you don’t identify yourself.

The night ended with an open bar for all exhibitors…drink, regurgitate, repeat. :p

open bar veritas dun mix
Alcohol and veritas don’t mix!

Now, I’m worried if I said things I shouldn’t have said about
veritas’s private life in front of management while under the influence
of ethanol…

Phrase of the Day: (hushed tones) Listen
mate, I’m just doing my job here. I’m representing my company at this
expo…don’t make the mistake of forgetting that after all this, I’m
just the average guy on the street. I will not hesitate to get a bunch
of my friends to smash your face into pulp if you try and start shit
again. I’ll tell you straight out…right here, I’m the silent and
apologetic company representative, but after I take off my shirt, I’m
the Ah Beng you see on the streets. I urge you not to piss me off, my
friend. This expo does not last forever and you do not want to piss me
off, lest you run into me at night. Do we understand each other? Good.
I’m Huai Bin, the systems engineer here…don’t hesitate to call to
email me or even call my cell phone if you have any tech related
questions. Thank you for your time, sir.

BTS Day 2: Termite Queen!

termite queen and king

I just noticed a booth by Termite System Specialist Sdn Bhd which has a real life display of termites! They have a chunk of earth with a living termite queen and king and heaps of termites swarming (or whatever it is that termites do) around. It’s wonderful!

Here’s a video of the termite display (with commentary):

living termites display

Download: Living termites display []

Today has been busy, so I didn’t get a chance to tour around much
and take photos. I hear we have one of the busiest booths in our show.
I know I said “We’re so confident with our product that we’re offering
you an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee” more than I cared to.
I’m not much of a pitch person…

at a group shot

Here’s a photo of me (white shirt) with the AT & A people (brown shirts).

bts parking tip

This is a tip for the people who want to go to Permata (for the
seafood, bar, or just to park there) – get your parking ticket stamped
at this self-service Parking Coupon Verification Counter and it’s a
flat rate of RM 2 per entry instead of RM 1 per hour.

This is the traditional show grounds tour, this time it’s taken in a different section of the Building and Trade Show (BTS):

bts day 2

Download: BTS Day 2 []

taking turns for dinner
L-R: Yee, Deng, me (Huai Bin)

It was such a busy time for our booth we had to take turns to
eat…note the discrepancies in the number of people and the number of

BTS Day 1: The grinning blue fluffy toilet

blue grinning fluffy toilet

This blue Madaya toilet mascot (yes, there is a person inside) was
walking around the show grounds and features a lift able toilet seat
which has a wonderfully detailed brown colored lining inside and sweets
on top of that. It’s a magnificent combination, I’m sure you’ll agree.

toilet and me

I loved it so much I wanted to take a photo with it. Let’s dig deep for sweets!

deng toilet

I’m not the only one. This is my coworker Deng.

madaya ppl with toilet

Here are some Madaya employees with the blue sweet dispensing toilet that everyone loves.

In other news, here’s the first day’s tour of the show grounds, narrated by yours truly again, but this time I’m in it as well.

bts day 1

Download: BTS 2004 – Day 1 []

All videos from now on requires DivX 5.11, please take note of that, it’s the last time I will be announcing it. Cheers!

huygens datuk wong

Datuk Sri Wong Soon Kai was the guest of honor, he visited every booth. This is ours.

lcs girls

The booth opposite ours, LCS Trading, is staffed by people who’s not too hard on the eyes, to say the least. πŸ˜‰

me bts girls

Say hello to Loh (my right) and sorry, I didn’t get your name
(left). Sociologists discover that booth neighbors in expos tend to
fraternize, especially if they’re in similar age groups. In other news,
scientists discover that the sky is blue. They are still in discussions about the color of grass, but indications suggest that they might reach a consensus that it is green.

me bts girls 2

Alternate take, my apologies about the quality, it takes a while for
people to get used to my digicam. I hope my gf doesn’t see this… πŸ˜‰

bts day 1 food

There was free food as well

bts mmm food


Here’s a video of the Madaya toilet mascot:

madaya mascot

Download: Madaya mascot []

madaya toilet bye

The grinning Madaya toilet says bye!

toilet what treasure have you
…and just coz I can’t resist, I must add “Arr! What manner of treasure do I see there?”

BTS expo preparation video

bts industry

Industry was the word of the day as the 5th floor of Permata Carpark
was opened up for the exhibitors to setup their respective booths. I
watched empty space being transformed by various groups into functional
displays. There was a lot of carpentry, masonry and yes, the fumes of
various chemicals like paint, emulsifiers, glue and what have you. I
got high on fucking solvents…

This is a mini tour of our sections of the exhibition – narrative provided by yours truly:

bts setup

Download: BTS preparations video []

* AT & A is a company we’re very close with (share the same
building). Angel is the one managing it. We have no relation to Kim
Hin, it’s just a booth I passed.

We weren’t exactly fully done at this point, as I erroneously stated
in the video. It took a good six hours after that before we were done –
I just got back! I have to get there before 8 am tomorrow to boot. I
heard Phua Chu Kang is coming to the gala dinner (which I doubt I will
be attending as only one free ticket is given to each booth).

I’m tired…will reply all comments tomorrow and I’ll bring my CF
card reader along too, so you’ll get live updates on the scene.

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