7 Deadly Sins

Give in to it

Ah…now this gives me a fair bit of nostalgia. The Magnum 7 Deadly
Sins ice cream came out about a year ago and I wrote about it in one of my first few posts
[monash.edu.au]. You have to scroll to the middle of the page coz my
blog was plain HTML then. It was a limited edition of seven ice creams
representing each of the 7 sins with a different theme for each ice
cream and a phrase imprinted on the stick.

Which sin are you?

Well, it’s out again, but with only three of the sins now. No sign
of the other 4 that was out last year. That’s too bad coz the best
tasting and best looking sin from last year was Vanity. It was
champagne ice cream with pearl balls in the shell.

Wrapper of Sloth

It’s also smaller than the ones that came out a year back. The size
now is similar to the Magnum Minis instead of the normal sized Magnums.
They are only available in a boxed set of 6 mini Magnums (2 x 3 sins).

Wrapper of Gluttony

Well, I ate all six of them over the course of the night while I was
coding. I haven’t eaten anything besides the six ice creams for a full
32 hours but that’s still pretty bad. Heh. Eating so many ice creams
can’t be good for me.

Wrapper of Greed

I haven’t eaten anything else because I’m lazy to cook and I’m busy
coding for IE. I can actually go without eating for a long time, you
just don’t get hungry after you pass a certain point. I’m not planning
to eat anything until noon today. I find it easier to concentrate this

Gluttony – Craving something rich enough for your appetite? Gorge down this! Chocolate mudcake on a stick.

Well anyway, the 3 sins in this pack are Gluttony, Greed and Sloth.
I like Sloth because it’s “my” sin. πŸ™‚ Gluttony tastes the best though.
It’s chocolate mud cake ice cream with a white chocolate shell. For
some reason the stick didn’t have any writing on it. I forgot what it
had last year too, but it’s all the same as last year’s only smaller
and repackaged.

Greed – Let the golden richness of the honeycomb entice your
ravenous desires. The deep indulgent outside layer of chocolate will
excite your sensual hunger.

Greed is okay, but I didn’t really like it all that much. It’s
honeycomb ice cream with a shell made of milk chocolate and that hokey
pokey thingies that’s like the thing inside Crunchie. Come to think of
it, Greed tastes like Crunchie. It had “Greed is good” written on the

Greed is good

Sloth – Slack off on a peanut butter indulgence. A creamy excessive luxury for the loose relaxed sloth you are.

The last one is Sloth and it’s peanut butter ice cream with white
chocolate and peanuts for the shell. It didn’t taste all that good, but
I like it anyway coz it’s Sloth. πŸ™‚ It has “It is better to have loafed
& lost then never to have loafed at all”. Haha! I like this one so

It is better to have loafed & lost then never to have loafed at all

I feel like I’ve time travelled back a year.

Link of the Day: NOFX – Summer Sonic Festival 2002 Tokyo, Japan [fuckinbollocks.com]
111 MB

(Right Click, Save As)

What’s Bob gonna do, now that he can’t drink?

Murder The Government/Dinosaurs Will Die/I’m Telling Tim/Bottles To The Ground/Bob/Linoleum

Classic! NOFX in playing some of their greatest songs in Japan. The
audio and video are really good quality. It’s on a fast server too,
it’s around 230 KB/sec sustained and I’m in Australia. A must download
if you like NOFX. Too bad my two other favourite songs are not in. πŸ™‚
I’m partial to Pharmacist’s Daughter (Pump Up The Valuum) and Go to
Work Wasted (Surfer EP). It’s interesting that the Surfer EP is where
they kinda go back to their roots production, sound and lyrics wise. If
I didn’t know better I would have thought it was a Liberal Animation
era album. Go download the video. πŸ™‚

The 7 Deadly Sins

Did a late night Coles run with Adrian to boost energy levels (by getting
sugary stuff). Magnum is doing a promotion where they have the 7 deadly
sins as different types of ice creams. It’s supposed to be limited
edition, in that it’s only available for 4 months. I got all 7 different
types and so far, I’ve eaten the Sloth one. Those who know me will
recognize ‘Sloth’ as my sin. Heh. The ice cream stick even has a phrase engraved
into it. The Sloth one goes

Amen brother!

I’ve taken photos of the different wrappers. See them here:








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