The puzzle

I nearly ran into an incoming police patrol car while making an illegal turn. The police had their sirens and flashers on but I didn’t notice coz my music was at full blast and I was thinking. I only managed to brake in the nick of time coz some part of my brain registered the blue flashes of light. I missed the police patrol car by inches.

It’s a good thing I didn’t get into trouble – the police car was speeding and it took the very same illegal turn and I nearly ran into it again when they suddenly braked. There was a fight in front of the mamak near my condo and they were there to break up the physical altercation by arresting people.

I was amazed by their efficiency – it took me no longer than 5 minutes to tapau my food and there wasn’t any sign of an impending dispute when I drove out. The police were already speeding there when I got into my car, resulting in the near miss. I imagine rear ending a police car wouldn’t have bode well for my general welfare, so it’s a good thing I didn’t.

However, I was thinking while taking the video with my cell phone (before I got bored and drove pass them)…if I had run into them, who would be at fault? Let’s pull out the POH-toshop illustrations: 


Please note that I haven’t actually taken the turn yet so I have plausible deniability. The police patrol car which was there on Official Business (TM) already took the illegal turn.

Who would be the guilty party if I had run into them? Knowing my country well, I know it’s definitely going to be me. Disregarding that, I could claim that I was merely avoiding the incoming patrol car by swerving (which would explain the odd angle of my car if I hit them).

What do you think?

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