Junaco Park in Sibu (a last hurrah)


I went to Junaco Park (Sibu) a couple of days before I came back to
Melbourne – I think it was the evening of the 29th, but those last few
days have been rather hectic and I didn’t have time to write things up
since I was out so often. Oh well, I better do it now in case I get any
more ideas about deleting my precious memories (photos). Anyway, Junaco
Park is this place 30 kilometers away from Sibu which is like a mini
zoo. The entrance fee is only RM 1 per person. There are the usual
suspects like monkeys, horses, birds etc. We went to see the horses
(ponies?) first.


I had wanted to take a picture of the famed horse phallus, but
unfortunately none of them felt that it was necessary to erect their
organs to their full potential, so all I got was this:


Oh well, next we went to see the monkeys:


He’s pretty tame though, contrary to the “Beware – Monkey Bites”
sign on the cage. We handed it grass from outside the cage and he’ll
reach out and take it from us. He has soft hands, which was pretty
interesting. One of my friends thought it was a good idea to try and
trip him with an umbrella (hope no one from RSPCA is reading this) but
the nimble fellow managed to dodge the umbrella every time.
Fascinating. He also loved this bunch of fruits that grows from a tree
to the side of the cage and it was fun to watch him try and eat it
through the cage (coz he couldn’t pull the whole bunch thru the wire


Next on the itinerary was the sheep (or are those lambs?). Lemme
tell you, those creatures are hella fierce. I wanted to climb over the
fence to hug one of them and pose for a photo, but one of them, which I
assume is the alpha male started making loud baying noises and stamped
his feet to voice his displeasure at my attempts to violate his mate.


I reckon he would have bit me had I went into the fence. It probably
wouldn’t have hurt but his head is about the same height as my genitals
so I decided not to risk it, seeing as I was the only son in our family
and protecting the family jewels should be a priority.

Anyway, we also saw some wild boar:


an eagle or a hawk:


big ass fishes (you have to squint a bit for this one):


a peacock (I think):


and a porcupine who wanted a staring match with me, despite my obviously superior physical size:


Anyway, we had wanted to go fishing or go for a ride on one of the
boats, but it was getting dark so we just had a drink at the canteen
and headed home. All in all it was a fun and memorable day. Junaco Park
is pretty big and there is a lot of hilly terrain, so be prepared for a
bit of physical exertion should you go there. Man, writing all this
made me miss Sibu. I can’t wait to go back again in July.

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